39290 Scenic Drive
Sandy, Oregon 97055
(503) 380-5163
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Food Allergy Awareness
Please do NOT bring snacks containing, or
manufactured with, peanuts OR almonds.
Lil' Cubs' Preschool and Kindergarten is an educational institution that has
been in Sandy, Oregon, since 2007.  This school provides a safe,
developmentally appropriate, learning environment that encourages self
discovery, personal uniqueness, social and emotional growth, as well as offering
child-centered experiences to foster curiosity, independence and self reliance.
Lights, Camera, Action!
Don't forget to turn in your event photos
for the Lil' Cubs' Yearbook!  
Lil' Cubs' Preschool has
had an amazing effect on
our daughter!  She has
learned so many things like
her alphabet, the alphabet
in sign language, her colors
in Spanish and how to
count to 40 at age 3!  Ms.
Kristen has been an
inspiration to her, and
helped bring her out of her
shell.  Thank you Lil' Cubs'!

- The McBrides