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Welcome to Lil' Cubs' Academy
Where kind hands, kind words and kind feet make kind friends.

Lil' Cubs' Academy is an educational institution that has been in Sandy, Oregon, since 2007. This
school provides a safe, developmentally appropriate, learning environment that encourages self
discovery, personal uniqueness, social and emotional growth, as well as offering child-centered
experiences to foster curiosity, independence and self reliance.

We love spending our days helping our Cubs explore the world!  Happy kids are what we strive for.  
Between activities, snacks, story time and art, we try to get to know each of our Lil' Cubs' as the
individual, special little people they are.  
Our staff >

In our school, we learn to recognize lower and upper case letters, as well as their sounds, Spanish
and sign language. We're also hands-on when educating our Cubs. Children will also learn the tripod
grasp, cutting, and both social and emotional skills. Kids like to dance, draw, read, play, create works
of art, cook and eat lunch together.
Our curriculum >
Please ask prior to bringing
peanuts, eggs, dairy, etc.
Don't forget to turn in your
photos for the Lil' Cubs' Yearbook!
Lil' Cubs' Academy has had an amazing effect
on learned so many things like her alphabet,
the alphabet in sign language, her colors in
Spanish and how to count to 40 at age 3!  Ms.
Kristen has been an inspiration to her, and
helped bring her out of her shell. Thank you
Lil' Cubs'!
- The McBrides
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